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Digital Smile Design is a technology-driven process that enhances dental aesthetics through meticulous digital planning and design

Test Drive Your Smile Before You Even Start Treatment

Click the video to learn about the Digital Smile Design experience with Dr. Soto.
DSD Eliminates All Of The Most Popular Concerns

DSD alleviates all the nuisance of scheduling and guarantees quality work with virtually no uncomfortableness.

DSD takes a few inputs of your mouth and teeth and plans a schedule for you right then and there. Taking all the hassle of planning from your hands.
DSD works specifically to take the proportions and sizes of your mouth to create a natural-looking smile that won’t look out of place, but an enhanced version of what was there.
DSD is one of the most non-invasive methods out there today and the Smile Institute offers a variety of ways to make your visits and treatments seamless. We offer virtual consultations and virtual check-ups.

Our friendly reception staff will be here to welcome you and answer any questions you might have. We’ll also get you a beverage while you’re waiting.

Your Digital Smile Design experience with Dr. Soto

Digital Smile Design experience
Step 1

First We Learn About You

A beautiful smile design involves much more than teeth and gums. To make your smile look and feel right for you, our first step is always to learn more about you and the type of smile you would love to have. This way, we can tailor our treatment plan and smile design specifically for you.
Digital Smile Design experience
Step 2

We Plan Your Smile Digitally

Next, we take the records we need to plan your smile – detailed scans, photos and videos of you and your current smile from every angle. We then use specialist software to create your personalized treatment plan, working alongside a team of smile design experts.
Digital Smile Design experience
Step 3

Test Drive Your New Smile

Your smile ‘test drive’ is an exciting moment when you can try on a 3D-printed model of this smile. It’s a unique chance to see and experience how your new smile will look on you, before we even begin your treatment. You can work with us to make any changes you want to the look of your new smile, deciding what is right for you, your treatment goals, and your budget.

Digital Smile Design experience
Step 4

The Treatment Process Begins

We don’t start any dental procedure until you’re happy with your new smile design. Once we begin, you’ll know what to expect at every stage as we follow your pre-decided treatment plan.

What do our patients think of their digitally designed smiles?

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The Smile Institute Team
The Smile Institute Team
The Smile Institute Team
The Smile Institute Team
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