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We realize that your oral health needs change throughout your lifetime. 

We build a custom plan meant for your hygiene

Periodic exams provide us with a snapshot of your oral health, and full medical histories alert us to any medical conditions you may be experiencing so that we can prevent and match your treatment to your current needs.


Routine dental cleanings that include the removal of tartar and bacteria above your gum line help your gums stay healthy. Even if you brush and floss diligently, you cannot reach all areas of your teeth, and tartar will build over time. By removing tartar, we protect your gums and reduce your chances of decay. Each hygiene appointment ends with a polish to remove any surface stains and residual build-up. You will leave our office with a smooth, fresh smile.


If it has been a while since you had a dental cleaning, we probably have some catching up to do. Our mid-level dental cleaning focuses on removing larger tartar deposits above and below your gum line so that Drs. Molero and Soto can effectively complete an oral evaluation and you can enjoy a healthier smile.


A history of gum disease may mean that you join our periodontal maintenance program. Since a history of gum disease means you are more susceptible to it in the future, we focus on keeping your gums healthy with cleanings designed to prevent a serious recurrence of gum disease.

Comprehensive, Preventative and diagnostic dentistry

We not only specialize in regular dental exams and cleanings, we also perform smile analysis and a comprehensive evaluation of the face-mouth relationship. Patients that get a comprehensive evaluation receive a full report of our findings.

Both Dr. Molero and Dr. Soto attended the Spears Education Art of Treatment Planning in 2015. This kind of continuing education represents their commitment to a comprehensive approach to better care for our patients’ overall health. Our dentists are highly trained in all general dentistry, implant placement, preventive, and restorative treatment. We also work with specialists both in and outside of the office to address every patient’s oral health needs. We have state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to help us see beyond the obvious, including digital x-rays, CT scan, and intraoral pictures.

Dr. Soto is part of a local elite study club, DEAL (Dental Excellence Advancement and Learning), which focuses on interdisciplinary care and draws on the knowledge of all specialties for effective treatment and planning.

Comprehensive And Preventative Care

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The Smile Institute Team
The Smile Institute Team
The Smile Institute Team
The Smile Institute Team
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